Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Matt Walker clears re-entry waivers
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12-01-2011, 09:18 PM
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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
That's specifically why you keep Nodl and send down the guys who are so they can improve their game. Remember when Rinaldo was becoming a dedicated penalty killer? Why not let him go do that instead of the uselessness he's given thus far? Surely, you're not overlooking the value of depth in this league. I'd rather have 4 Nodl's at the ready than 3.
Not if you want to get rid of a guy. If they wanted to keep Nodl, they would have sent down a different guy.

Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
He was being waived because the Flyers needed a contract spot. That is what happened. If you read something from one of our esteemed writers claiming otherwise, then they're wrong. Holmgren claims it wasn't even for sure that he was sending him to the minors
If that is the case, which I haven't read anywhere, I still don't see it as a problem. We have a number of guys at roughly the same contract amount who are younger and of equal or the same skill. Why not get rid of a redundant player to potentially make room for another? Where is the problem with that?

Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Well there goes a civil conversation. Anyway. I think his main problem is the way he manages the cap. Honestly, its probably the worse in league. You dont here about the constant mistakes made in regards to the cap situation.

Well you threw down a few negatives even though some were more about not knowing rules and regulations compared to the actual crime committed (example Hyka). In that case, you can not say that Homer knew what he was doing, because honestly, he flat out said he messed up.

I would like to hear a bunch of positives please. Now remember, they CLEARLY outweight the negatives. Richards and Carter trade are not considered positives for right now its still to early to decide.
You really need a list?

Coburn trade
Timonen and Hartnell trade
Betts signing
Bob signing
Read signing
Lupul and Smith trade
Leino trade

I could go on here, and keep in mind these are all moves that have had pretty serious impacts on the team both individually and collectively, unlike the "bad" moves that even collectively have had very little effect. How about I leave it at that and you show me some negatives?

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