Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Matt Walker clears re-entry waivers
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12-01-2011, 09:18 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Got that part. Check.

Debatable on whether or not they have this. You say they are hampered by this, however they have a pretty deep team with some good assets and continue to be a top team in the league. They don't seem to be hampered that much. If you want a good team, chances are you going to have to spend to the top. Pretty sure the last few Cup matchup teams (Canucks and Bruins last year both at the top, Flyers at the top and Blackhawks within $1 mil the year before) have been at or very close to the top of the cap.

I'm not sure what mistakes he has repeated. This re-entry waivers mistake hasn't even happened so let's at least wait until tomorrow to crucify him for that. Trading draft picks? I think they have done ok with the picks they have and signings they made to really call this a mistake. He may have shed a few he didn't have to, but again, a "mistake" like that doesn't really matter if they make up for it in other ways. If they had all those picks, would we have Bob? Read? Harry Z? Who knows?
1) They've lost several players due to cap mismanagement and been hurt in the regular season several times because they've had to send players down to make room for returning players because Homer doesn't "do" cap management. On top of that Homer has gradually spent more and more time hurting our depth because of his cap losing Gagne, switching out Asham for Shelley, and generally overpaying marginal players. Shelley's useless contract and Leighton's stupid contract alone is 2.6 million they could have used more on a real goalie at a time when we really needed one. Do you really think Randy Jone's dead cap space didn't affect our flexibility at the trade deadline in 2010? If we didn't have that lump of useless cap hit perhaps they could have gotten someone better than Kraijcek.

We recently had to trade the faces of our franchise largely because we were at the cap with no prospects and no freaking picks. The years of keeping everything close to the cap with no regard for the future and throwing draft picks away like candy had caught up to the organization and they were on the precipice. Only recently we had one of, if not the worst, prospect pool in the NHL because draft picks and assets had been cast away...many of them needlessly. And before you say "But he fixed it!" I say **** that, he shouldn't have put the team in that position to begin with. All those "small" things had added up and the team was close to a breaking point, because of his actions.

2) He has repeatedly screwed up simple contract stuff, he has repeatedly lost players on waivers, he repeatedly tosses around draft picks, he constantly overpays his depth players, etc etc. Pay attention, this has all been outlined thoroughly for years. I find it thoroughly insane that you think his lack of draft picks is a GOOD thing. "But we have Read now!" Sure, but if Homer wasn't dumb we could have Read, Harry Z, AND more draft picks. Again...why applaud someone for crawling out of their own sewage? Here's an idea: Don't jump into the sewage in the first place.

He's constantly shooting himself in the foot. In this case, he's got the gun aimed at the floor. It remains to be seen if he loses another toe or if he manages to miss.

But hey! If he manages to fix it in a year or two, who cares!!! **** dude, using your logic it doesn't matter if you sever the gas line in your house and blow it up to kill the spider in the corner...if you build a new one, what's the difference?

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