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12-01-2011, 09:35 PM
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Someone's going to rip into me for this but:

He's good, by far better then everyone else in his age group. Highway miles against.

Ex: Peewee AA player against Peewee A players, now here in Quebec the gap is huge.

He may not be all that good, I understand he just carried a team to an unlikely victory playing a year up against top players, but the gap between top players at the age is huge.

To me I see a Peewee AA caliber player, probably the top player on the team. He's no prodigy, but hes dam good. I think it's premature, and he's overyhyped.

Right now, his skating is great, he's got great hockey sense, I mean this is advanced stuff that he's doing, he sees the play well, he sees the ice very well, smart with the puck. Great anticipation. His stickhandling is great, I'd say its a Bantam AA level.

His shot isnt great, I mean it's average, my cousin played peewee A last year and he can rip it better then half of the kid in double letters.

He's got good accuracy, but the wrist and slap shots are average/slightly above for a peewee level, AA wise.

Also it's highlights of him that I'm seeing so yeah.

I think he should be playing U15 in Norway that's like 2 years up. From what he's playing now.

He needs a better level of competition, it's a matter of time before he moves to Sweden.

Great player no doubt, but I'd take a wait and see approach. But he's a skilled 11 year old but I think it's early to start hyping him.

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