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11-28-2005, 05:52 PM
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Well I coach a Peewee team, and I think the main thing is it's the kids' first year of being hit (for at least half of them), and they don't like it. They simply get angry and retaliate without thinking. What I've seen usually doesn't go as far as what you're saying, they usually just get up and maybe push the guy as they go down the ice or something, but it's the same idea. I just tell the kids that being hit is part of the game, and not to retaliate but to take a lesson from it and keep their heads up. Once they get used to being hit it will probably become less frequent, which is what is already happening on my team.

If your brother really is laying guys out with huge hits though, it will probably always continue at least a little bit just because kids, and indeed many hockey players of all ages, don't like it and never get used to getting completely clocked, and they react. It might not be right, but providing he isn't having to deal with anything more than a little bit of roughing (not sucker punches, vicious slashes etc), at least he's drawing penalties.

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