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11-02-2003, 10:31 AM
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My 2 cents worth:

seems to me that players become good not because of one aspect or speed...shooting...intensity etc...but on the sum of the parts...some players can park themselves in front of the net and with good hands deflect pucks or score on the rebounds,... they dont need speed...others that have speed dont know how to use it (im sure we can all think of examples) lets not base whos better by stating any particular skills but the sum of the parts ( in essence how do they get their points...or what value do they add to their team), now not having seen much of the have to go based on reports from reliable sources...and as many sources..not just one or 2 ( and ive done very very well drafting this way) in saying this and considering vermettes rookie points in the AHL and steen's points thus far in the SEL (hes tied for second with 17 points in 16 games which is very rare for players his age) I would give the nod to Steen ....and i do like vermette a lot and i dont like the leafs much ....just call it a hunch.

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