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12-02-2011, 02:30 AM
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Originally Posted by SolidSnakeUS View Post
The one guy's dogtag actually said 1101 MAV kills. WHAT THE ****!?
Thats gay they have a dogtag to celebrate MAV kills wow ,I like the combat game-play in BF the sum of everything is just fun camping and using MAVs to get kills over and over again is not only cheap but just a flat waste of time it should be boring. Its the same deal with stacking the teams, if I am on a team that's dominating I will often do one of two things either leave the game or join the other team.

Personally speaking I think I have probably only been killed by the MAV maybe 3 times and I don't see it often, usually the thing takes a few swings at me before I figure out what is actually going on.

Gutless kills they are it ranks up there with the explosive shotgun rounds.

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