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12-02-2011, 04:55 AM
John Holmes*
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Well, if any of you are ever wondering why a lot of people hate this board and Ottawa fans in general, just re-read the thread.

There are a lot of smug know it all's in here.

If Murray didn't entertain offers for Karlsson, should he get any, then he is not doing his job. His job is to build this team into a winner. If he gets a Milburyesque offer for Karlsson, then he HAS to consider it.

Personally, I think Karlsson is our best player by far. I would never want to see him traded, but it's a possibility. Speculating over what he is worth, or what you could get back is the reason that boards like this exist.

Maybe the OP is a troll, maybe he is just a new poster who has received a less than warm welcome. In any case, there was nothing offensive or out of line about this thread until a bunch of yahoos started barking.

And for those that have me on ignore...blow me.

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