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12-02-2011, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
You're way off base here.

Meszaros was the defenseman of the year for our team last year and 5th in the NHL in +/-. His value increase exponentially as a result of the season he had.

As far as calling MPS + 2nd + Peckham anywhere near the return we received for either of our stars, that's a joke.

Schenn > MPS (cannot even argue)
Simmonds > Peckham (again, cannot argue)
LA 2nd < (by a small margin) EDM 2nd

So um... yeah.

And I think we've all agreed pretty much that Jake + Sean > the richie return, so I'm not even gonna go there.

And a 3rd thing, many EDM fans are very receptive to making a deal around Mesz and MPS. Some are only willing to go MPS + 2nd + AHL defenseman/fringe prospect, some only MPS + 2nd, some only MPS + Peckham, but several are interested.

MPS is struggling right now. His value isn't "OMG!!!" high and the Oilers are stacked w/ wings & wing prospects. They can afford to lose him for a significant upgrade on D. Mesz is a significant upgrade.
Two points:

1) I think your exagerating the extent of enthusiasm among the Edmonton fanbase. While one Oilers fan did originally propose the deal you've outline, it seems that most fans were not on board. From time to time, a team's fan will propose something objectionable to most of the others in the fanbase--you know, like that time, two days ago, when I suggested we move Schenn and Voracek for Bobby Ryan

2) While I would do the trade on value alone, we would be dealing from a position of age and weakness (D) for one of youth and strength (W / F). Again, its too much to pass up, but it might cause some problems later this year, if Pronger continues to struggle to get / stay healthy, or, worse, Kimmo suffers an injury.

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