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12-02-2011, 10:18 AM
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1. Howson believed Brassard too long he got a chance from Arniel last year... he played with Nasher.... after bad achievments he would put with Voracek to Nash and Filatov after only two bad games to the 4th line. Brassard began to play better but not as the first line center but something between the second and the third line center. And he played so the whole season. Besides some games when he played or too bad or better but never as the st line center. He was never benched or HS by Arniel. After the season Howson decided to buy Carter and Johansen has developed... both of them was better in preseason than Brassard, the better was Vermette too. Because of his FO he played awing but he does not know to play there. After Carter injury he played with Nash and Prospal as a center and had a possibility to show his qualities... maximum 3-4 games good and than? Again nothing. And the achievments without competition. Arniel chnage the lines than we got Letestu. It is only Brassard shame where he is. Never Voracek... never Filatov (there wasenough bad access ) had similar access to them. And I ask... this man was prefered but he didnot catch his chance... now Arniel is blamed for it. Why? Was somebody blamed Arniel for Filatov? Never. But for Brassard yes. That Dericks agent (he would never said it without Derick agreement) said stupidities about Arniel on the tour and before the game.... I did not see too much comments about it. Even blahblah agree with this. But when Filatov asked about trade after the season (he asked durning the seaon but Howson did not want to trade him and I never heart something similar from his agent) you blamed him... full of stupid words about him...only for asking the trade (btw... he never said bad about anything in Columbus or our team before or after the trade)... when Derick... he is a poor boy and Arniel is blamed for it. Strange access.

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