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Originally Posted by whoshouse View Post
Great thread! I think these stats have more to do with tracking the statistics on lines rather than individual players. For example, guys like Volpatti and Weise are at 41% and they obviously bog down LaPierre's percentage. Or Maholtra, who is at 40%, hurt Hodgson and Hansens percentage.
Yeah I agree.

I was a bit worried AV might take out Hodgson after his poor effort against CBJ, but if they are doing this type of internal review then Cody's spot is fairly safe.

At even strength he has out scored, out chanced, and out shot the opposition and he is clearly an asset o the power play.

As long as that continues, it should be enough to keep him in the line up, even with a coach who is know to be tough on rookies.

Whats really ugly is looking at the Sedin line. They should be way higher then where they're at now. Perhaps their defense has taken a nose dive over the years.
Have to agree on that.

Keep in mind these numbers don't include last nights game where they likely had 10+ scoring chances with very few against.

That would have made some difference but the point is very valid, they simply haven't been as good at even strength this season.

Alberts looks like a chicken with his head cut off out there and these stats definitely show that.
Yeah Alberts and Sultzer look prety terrible in the chances for / against department.

Interesting to note that Ballard is almost 50% despite playing the majority of his minutes with players well below that total. Further to that he starts a lot more in the defensive zone then some of the other defenseman.

Watching the games I have mostly felt that Ballard was crap this season but these numbers certianly will force me to re-evaluate.

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