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12-02-2011, 12:57 PM
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Combat is really high end stuff. They have been in the game a while in other sports. I would use them but they've never been on sale while I was buying.

Harrow is a solid smaller company. The only thing I've used of theirs is the 300 series, which is equivalent to the Easton ST, but a 2-piece version.

Inno got bought out by Warrior over 5 years ago so I wouldn't touch any of it. The old, old stock is gone and anything with the name is an SMU that I wouldn't trust.

Battleaxe is another brand I've used, did a review on the BX10 one piece. It was like a pro stock stick, super super light weight with fantastic kick but I snapped mine after a couple months on a shot, the only time I've ever broken a stick through game play. Based on that I think the next stick down might be very good for a rec leaguer.

Rebellion looks identical to the Battleaxe product and I would bet they come from the same manufacturer overseas.

Base is still a small company IMO but they have a lot of word of mouth. I have used their sticks and talked with reps and it's good stuff, not the highest end, but about on par with the Harrow and Easton ST IMO.

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