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Originally Posted by Zip15 View Post
No, that's actually not my argument. Drew expressly stated that they had, in the past, wanted him to be a "power forward," but they wanted him to change course, drop weight, and be more of a skilled guy who has good size. And why does Drew have to be the power forward? Vanek has good size, he's not a power forward. Luke has good size, he's not a power forward.

I have no problem with Stafford's effort level. If you do, we disagree.

I recall him saying something very different before last season. He said then that he needed to get stronger and leaner to win more one on one battles and be able to use his speed and strength to bull to the net. Stafford worked harder than he ever had last offseason (2010) to get in shape to be stronger and leaner. He lost roughly 4lbs. He is hardly much lighter. For comparison's sake, Gosse chose to lose weight and get less bulky. He went from the 228lbs he entered the league at to 212lbs. Losing 16lbs is enough weight/bulk lost to impact your physical game. Getting stronger and leaner like Stafford did, losing roughly 4lbs in the process, is hardly going to have a negative impact on your ability to play a power game.

Even if he did say those things it makes no sense. First off, he is stronger and in better shape now and as such is better suited to play a power game. Second, he's never played a power game before last year. So I have no idea what power game he was given up.

To be clear we don't need Stafford to be a power forward in the classic sense to be effective. He showed last year that a touch of physical play (winning 1 on 1 battles/bulling to the net) to go with his high end skating and speed was more than enough to make him a very effective player.

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