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Originally Posted by nickschultzfan View Post
I think sports leagues think people actually give a crap about divisions, which is a problem.

Changing the playoffs to work with 4 divisions (which are uneven!) is just beyond stupid. The playoffs should be exactly the same as now, just with the #1 team in the divisions auto getting into the playoffs.

The other 6 spots should be continue to be wild cards.
Playoffs work perfectly fine with 4 divisions. The thing people keep getting caught up on with 4 divisions is this thought that there's still conferences. There's not. Divisions exist for scheduling purposes. In a 4 division setup, you basically have home and home with all non-division teams and 6 games against each division team (exception being the two 7 team divisions needing an additional home and home interdivision matchup).

Playoffs can either be top team in each division + next best 12, top 2 teams each + 8, top 3 teams each + 4, or simply top 4 teams in each. Personally, I'd say the top 3 + next best 4 would be the best option. Guarantees an intradivision playoff series, but matchups won't be repeated too many seasons in a row. "Next best 4" almost guarantees no teams get in with inferior records (though it's still possible). I would argue playoffs work far better in a 4 division setup.

As mentioned, you don't need half the East to agree. If you can get the whole west to agree (which is feasible) you just need 4 votes out of the East, and the Southeast is willing to see changes.

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