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12-02-2011, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by chewBACHa View Post
for #3 NHL teams have a limited budget for thoses kind of activities. I remember that the habs wanted to invite families players to join them for an away game in arizona. They weren't able to do that. They would've been penalised in cap space.

"Teams cannot circumvent the salary cap by paying players through other means - such as gifts, reimbursements on expenses, personal deals, money redirected through related corporate entities, separate contracts for marketing and promotion, etc."

Leblanc's salary is 900k, he can earn up to 300k in bonuses. He need to reach the conditions to get that extra money

Leblanc get paid for the time he is with the team. If im not wrong he get paid for 20 days (minimum)(regular season is 185 days). which is about 100K for him. Am I wrong?

though I imagine it's one of those things that regularly gets circumvented & that no one really turns an eye to.

Not hard for a multi-millionaire owner , with lots of friends in lots of places, to quietly arrange for something like two airline tickets a few nights hotel to get paid for "off the team books", and not something the league (or other teams around the league) would spend any time chasing down and exposing.

bit different than flying out the entire roster's family for a sunny destination vacation

Originally Posted by Hamiltonhabfan10 View Post
I would assume he'd be able to afford it, but nothing wrong with Cole stepping in who makes x4 what Louis would make in the NHL, and like 60x what his AHL salary is, paying for the kids parents flight. I doubt Louis asked anyone to fly his parents over
nope, nothing wrong with it at all, in fact it's a great gesture, as I pointed out.

but it's a gesture more or less the equivalent of buying the new guy at your work lunch (assuming you aren't in the 7-figure salary range)... nice, but not really news-worthy.

*case in point:

guess it's a slow news day? or perhaps as Habs fans we've sunk low enough that we any kind of feel good story to brighten our otherwise somber moods

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