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12-02-2011, 01:36 PM
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Skate Blade Alignment for Pronation

I have extremely flat feet with basically no arch. I've noticed that when I am in my skates on the ice my right foot pronates badly. The left is O.K. Because of this pronation it is really hard for me to use my outside edge on my right skate. Right now I am using the sidas insoles that come with the Graf 705's. My question is, besides going to SuperFeet which I've had before and does make a difference for pronation, is it necessary to get the blades aligned so that your centre of gravity is over the skate blade. In otherwords for a pronator the blade could be moved 1/4" to the inside. I am wondering if any hockey players who pronate have had this done? Did it work? Is there a reputable hockey store in the GTA(greater Toronto Area) that knows what they are doing and can do this? Help and advice would be appreciated. Here is a website that I found that explains the process.

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