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12-02-2011, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Caje View Post
Last game everyone was praising Phillips. Hilarious how fast opinions change on these boards.
Or maybe: 1- it wasn't the same people who praised him in the game before, and 2- Phillips had a good game followed with a bad one (although I don't necessarily think he had a bad game last night)?

Really, it's ok to exercise critical judgment. Not every player is perfect every game, and it's interesting to look at who did well and who didn't, and why.

Originally Posted by HappyGilmour View Post
Rondra had an amazing goal.
But... his goal didn't come late in the game! Where did Rondra's elite stamina go?

Originally Posted by Xspyrit View Post
Concerning the line-up, I want to see :


This line-up makes the most sense and the best possible results would come out of it IMO. I don't want to see Greening in the top-6 anymore, he lacks skill and brings down the playmaking on his line. 3rd line is where he belongs.
I'd go a little further and switch Daugy and Greening in your proposed line-up. That third line is going great, so I would be hesitant to break it up. Also, a 4th line made up of Greening-Winch-Neil would be fearsome and could deserve as many minutes as the third line.

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