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Originally Posted by BroFist View Post
When I was a defenseman, I was a HUUUUGE Hespeler junkie. It saddens me that the company is no more. Come to think of it, of all the gear I wore when I played defense, only CCM is still in business. I had a CCM helmet, but the rest of the gear I used was Hespeler, with Mission skates and sticks (wood by Hespeler and Branches. I still have my last Hespeler wood stick....It's the 5500 at a 260 flex (yes...260) with Gretzky curve.

then I moved to Goaltender. Had some Franklin gloves, some Hespeler gloves and some Tour gloves. My chest protector was Koho. Leg pads were Heatons. NXI nemesis mask. same ol' Mission skates. Sold all of it when I broke my ankle.

Now I want to get back into playing. Just gotta get new gear and my conditioning back.
I still use a Hespeler bag that Sportchek sold a few years back, when they used to sell Hespeler rebranded Inno's
I had MASSIVE F4 shoulder pads, that weighed a ton and I got in trouble with for tons of charging calls

I belive they were bought by the same company that now makes low end victorville stuff, and it can also be bought @ walmart now.

Its not the same stuff that we were used to.

If its any pro who is particular to their old gear... its probably Ryan Smyth who from what I understand, still uses vintage koho shoulder pads, his HT2 helmet (like mine), and other protective equipement... + wood blades in his shorty 2 piece and his warrior gloves with the extended gloves to look vintage!

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