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Originally Posted by HarryNealesGarden View Post
What's the point of even bringing it up then? If you want the man gone, give an actual reason why.

FWIW, if you kept the man when Pegula took over, he deserves a chance to succeed under new management. A decade and a half of service, Olympic assistant, considered one of the best coaches in the league by almost everyone... the man deserves it.

Now, maybe two more years go by and we get bounced in the first round. If you want to make the argument he should be gone then, fine, I'll by it. But the man has not had the talent on the team to work with recently up until now.
No one deserves a pass after 1 Cup Final appearance in 14 years. Coaches that have done a heck of a lot more than Lindy Ruff have been fired 2 and 3 times over.

The man has not has the talent on the team to work with? Was there any team more talented than the 2006-7 Buffalo Sabres in nearly all of Sabres history? There was plenty of talent on the 2000 Sabres as well, including Dominik Hasek. A boat load of talent in 2005-6. You want to give him a pass for injures on the blueline in the playoffs of '06? Fine, you can have that one. It's understandable.
But, the Sabres did have the lead heading into the 3rd period of game 7 against Carolina in the Eastern Conference Finals.

But to say he's never had the talent is just made up.

How about you explain why he's such a great coach?

When does the elite coaching kick in?

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