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Originally Posted by 66871 View Post
My wife and I are in Manhattan for the month and we are probably taking the LIRR out for the game next Saturday. Seems pretty straightforward since we are very close to Penn Station and I'm assuming cabs are readily available to get from the station to the coliseum.

But was just wondering if there is anything I should know/be aware of that could cause a problem. Things like having a hard time getting a cab after the game, having to go somewhere specific/hidden for will call tickets. Basically any advice you could give would be great. Thanks.
Did you ever have a friend say to you "Lets go see this great thing"? and before you know it you find yourself in some dank dark moldy place with cracked concrete floors and maybe a half starved dog lying in the corner. There may be something that was once food on top of what you can only assume was a table at one time and there is a couch that looks like it was used in every Tracy Lords movie against a damp concrete wall?

Thats what you should expect when you visit the NVMC.

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