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11-29-2005, 01:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Diverguy
I think the Canucks can offer better Keenan ready players for Luongo. Even Aebischer and Tanguay is not nearly as good as Cloutier, Jovo and other - possibly Morrison - depending on who comes with Luongo.

Of all the teams possibly bidding, Cloutier is the more established goalie (he is at least an established starter with 30+ wins repeatedly) and Jovo fits Keenan to a T. The Canucks also have Bert, who Keenan really likes, although I'd hate to see him go. Morrison can be the Keenan type if he is given a reduced 2nd line role.

Cap space is not a problem for the Canucks either because they would be sending experianced veterans the other way. Bottom line is: The Canucks have more of what Keenan would want than any other team, the only question is; what would Nonis be prepared to give?

My only question is, can the Canucks afford to trade Jovanovski and Morrison? Center and defense are the two positions that the Canucks lack the most depth in. If Morrison is dealt, that bumps Ryan Kesler into a top 6 role which IMO he is clearly not ready for. Trading Jovo also bumps one of Baumgartner or McCarthy into the top 4, which is, well, scary. Of course getting a goalie of Luongo's calibre would be amazing, but at the cost of two serious downgrades in other areas, that's tough to swallow. If the Canucks were to trade Morrison and Jovo to Florida as the principles for Luongo, a center or defenseman would have to be coming back the other way IMO. I wonder what a package of Brendan Morrison, Ed Jovanovski, Dan Cloutier and either Corey Schnieder or Julien Ellis could land the Canucks from the Panthers? Most likely not enough to make it worthwhile. That would be a lot of salary heading Florida's way, although adding Morrison would give the Panthers a very nice one-two punch at center with Jokinen and Morrison and Jovo would give the Panthers a guy who can log a tonne of ice-time and provide a physical prescence while bringing offense as well as experience and leadership.

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