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12-02-2011, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
I always wonder how these deals come about

Ring ring...

Stan Bowman: Tim, talk to me...

Tim: Calling for Mark, actually.

Stan: Mark..? Oh, AHL deal.....LAAAAME.

Mark: Tim!

Tim: Need some help for the farm, our guys like Klinkhammer. Can we get him? I'll throw you a 7th, a conditional 7th for 2013.

Mark: Let me run it by Stan... "Hey Stan! Want a conditional 7th for 2013?

Stan: Don't care.

Mark: Deal.

Oh, oh god. Yes. Thank you.

Best laugh I've had all day. I really, REALLY hope this is 100% accurate, haha...

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