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12-02-2011, 03:56 PM
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Am I the only one that actually wants to stay where we are? Its been over a decade. I like our division.. Yes I understand that we could have better travel time & natural rivals & all that jazz, & yes Id love to play in the central too but at this point I just dont care anymore. Im used to it...

I like the mini rivalry we're getting with Edmonton & Colorado. I like playing the Canucks & Flames. I not only wouldnt care if they make a change so its us with winnipeg & drop colorado I'd embrace it. Us & 4 canadian teams! I think that would be fun too.. We're kind of like a little Canada anyways I think as we get better that this division can & will be fun! Im kind of proud to be in a division with so many canadian teams.. Thats where hockey has its roots & I think we fit well with them.. And you cant tell me that if we become a powerhouse in the next few seasons that you wouldn't love watching our little American Wild team run a canadian division!! (Obviously Edmonton will be good too tho) but still it's be fun! haha

Dont get me wrong, I wont complain if we got our wish & put in the central but Im happy as is and kinda dont care anymore...

With that said, I will point out that I live in PST so the game start times dont effect me at all.. I personally hate when we play in Central or Eastern time zones because then I always have to miss a chunk of the game driving home from work! But I understand that time aspect of it being frusterating for you guys.. But I really do like our division. Its grown on me & I really look forward to games against all of our division foes.

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