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Originally Posted by punkr0x View Post
But if there are guys in the AHL who do have the footspeed to play in the NHL, why aren't they winning the Eddie shore award? Tyler Myers is the exception to the rule, but most NHL players spend at least a year or two in the minors. Is 24 too old to make the jump? A seasoned veteran in the AHL, too slow for the NHL? Since most hockey players hit their prime between 25-30 I would think he's still got some time to improve (although less than other players who get called up earlier).

As far as +/-, even if he's getting put out there in favorable situations, doesn't being a + player at least prove his line has a better goal differential than the other team's worst line? Isn't that all you want from a cheap third pairing defenseman?

I think Gragnani is just an easy target because he's the lowest guy on the totem pole. I see the same kind of hate on these boards for Matt Ellis lately. Matt is a perfect 4th line player, but he's not going to score 20 goals or beat up Milan Lucic so apparently he's a waste of space. How about holding some of the guys who are making $5+ million dollars this year accountable when the team scores one goal? Putting Brayden McNabb in for Gragnani on the power play isn't going to make a bit of difference.
What forum are you reading? The top guys on this team for various reasons have been ripped to shreds in the last several weeks/month.

Grags is an easy target because of his play on the top PP unit not his pay (btw thats an odd arguement since players making big bucks are the ones usually singled out because of their pay not the other way around). He has been our #1 PP QB from the start of the season on (with a small break for a few games from that role). There is a certain level of play thats expected in that role regardless of the pay or experience of that player.

Much of the frustration and rage about Grags is about how Ruff treats him in relation to other players. If you re-read the OP of this thread, he is as pissed, if not more so, with Ruff's use of Grags as he is with Grags.

I'm among the confused as it pertains to Grags and his continued death grip on a spot on the #1 PP unit. Its not like we don't have other options like Leopold, Pommer, Roy, Myers and to a lesser extent Sekera to try with Ehrhoff. Some of those options have proven track records as NHL PP pointmen. Something Grags does not have. To be blunt, Grags is a nobody in the NHL at this point of his career. Its a head scratcher why he gets the amount of slack he does from the head coach. Particuarly when proven vets are below him in the PP pecking order and other youngsters don't get the same slack he does. Its the reason for the jokes about him having incriminating pictures of Lindy.

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