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Originally Posted by se7en View Post
Am I the only one that actually wants to stay where we are? Its been over a decade. I like our division.. Yes I understand that we could have better travel time & natural rivals & all that jazz, & yes Id love to play in the central too but at this point I just dont care anymore. Im used to it...

I like the mini rivalry we're getting with Edmonton & Colorado. I like playing the Canucks & Flames. I not only wouldnt care if they make a change so its us with winnipeg & drop colorado I'd embrace it. Us & 4 canadian teams! I think that would be fun too.. We're kind of like a little Canada anyways I think as we get better that this division can & will be fun! Im kind of proud to be in a division with so many canadian teams.. Thats where hockey has its roots & I think we fit well with them.. And you cant tell me that if we become a powerhouse in the next few seasons that you wouldn't love watching our little American Wild team run a canadian division!! (Obviously Edmonton will be good too tho) but still it's be fun! haha

Dont get me wrong, I wont complain if we got our wish & put in the central but Im happy as is and kinda dont care anymore...

With that said, I will point out that I live in PST so the game start times dont effect me at all.. I personally hate when we play in Central or Eastern time zones because then I always have to miss a chunk of the game driving home from work! But I understand that time aspect of it being frusterating for you guys.. But I really do like our division. Its grown on me & I really look forward to games against all of our division foes.
I like what weve got going on with Edmonton THIS YEAR. However, since were getting all of our games with them out of the way, the only way this short lived rivavlry will have any chance of lasting impact is if we run into them in the playoffs.

That said, I really feel like our games against the Central teams are much more heated. CBJ, Louie, Blackie, Detty, and Nashie all seem to result in tense games, and it seems to get our fans a little more excited. I want to be in a division with those teams, and Winnipeg. I want to feel like I could take a drive and see our guys play in a Rivals barn some day.

I'm a night owl, so late start times dont usually bother me at all. That said, it gets really rediculous sometimes what our road schedule is like. Have we even played a single road game in the central time zone this year yet? No, of course not.

What I want to see is an NHL that focuses on regional rivavlries in the regular season, and then lets the whole NHL fight it out as a cluster**** come playoff time.

Uneven divisions suck? Okay. But we want bigger divisions for more regional action? Okay. How about this. Five divisions of six teams each. No conferences. Division winners plus 11 at-large bids make up the playoff field. And for simplcities sake, lets say Phoenix moves to Quebec City, just for ***** and giggles:

Pacific: Van, Cgy, Edm, SJ, LA, Ana
Central: Win, Min, Col, Dal, Chi, StL
Northeast: Det, Tor, Buf, Mtl, Ott, QC
Atlantic: Bos, Pit, Phi, NYR, NYI, NJ
South: Wsh, Car, Nsh, TB, Fla, CBJ

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