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Originally Posted by Peter Griffin
What do I think Luongo will land in a trade? Well, it all depends on what Keenan is looking for. Personally, I feel that Keenan will want to get some experienced veterans in return for Luongo as I really don't see any teams offering up one good, young player in return for Luongo(Alex Tanguay for example) and with the Panther's already large stable of good, young talent, I really don't see Keenan being a whole lot interested in getting more young, fairly unproven players.

The way Keenan has to look at this situation is that Luongo has no contract after this season and has already made it clear he is unhappy in the organization. Yes the Panthers hold his rights for another season after this, but an unhappy Luongo, moreso, a vocally unhappy Luongo, is only going to drop in value if he doesn't sign a contract this off-season, or only signs a one year deal. Basically, if Keenan can't get Luongo signed to a long term deal in the new year, he has to trade Luongo before the trade deadline if he wants fair value. By that time, the Panther's will liklely be out of the playoff picture and looking towards next season. Next off-season there will be numerous goalies out there that have proven to be solid #1 guys, Nabokov, Turco, and one of Roloson or Fernandez to name a few. The Panthers are a team that has to start producing wins and make a playoff run in the near future if they want to win back their fans. Adding more young, unproven players isn't going to help a whole lot in the short term, at least not compared to if the Panthers added some solid veteran players who are in their prime.

Basically, I don't think it's a given that Keenan will only be interested in young players for Luongo. The re-building in Florida has been going on forever now, and Keenan is exactly the type of guy that would want to put an end to that and start building for now.
I'm not sure what "type" of players is Keenan types anymore. By waiving Alexander Krapovtsev, he's proven that he knows when he's made a mistake (amazing I know). He signed quite a few "veteran leader" types in Roberts, Nieuwendyk, Hill, Gratton and Gelinas so he already has those "types" on the team. I think the key to whatever Keenan would get back for Luongo is pretty simple....they just have to produce. Svatos and Liles are producing now and they're young so they hold good value period.

I think while Keenan may have types and ideas of what he'd like in return, there's another factor to consider. FL ownership isn't exactly going to want to spend a lot of money. They never have since purchasing the team in 2001. During the lockout, they had to spend this season's already committed season ticket money to keep things going. IMO, if they can cut some salary, I think they'd do it and Luongo is the highest price player on the team (and would be looking for a substantial raise to re-sign).

Value-wise I think I've been close all along but its not just going to be about value when dealing Luongo. There will be several factors to consider in addition to just what he's worth (including where FL is in the standings, how renegotiations go with Jokinen and Luongo, what the fan attendance numbers are showing in FL, etc).

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