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12-02-2011, 05:35 PM
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I didnt think about how nice it would be for you guys to be able to hop in the car and make a break down the 35 to Louisy or across Wisconsin to Illinois to hit Chicy(?)

But technically, couldnt you guys just still do that now... I mean theyre not division rivals but we still play them 4 times a year instead of 6.. Is it really those 2 extra games or the fact that we're not in the same division keeping our fans from Hockey Road trips!?

But I do know what you guys mean. I love going to the Home & Home with LA & the Ducks. Always a good time! And that kind of stuff would be great for Wild fans.

But ya, my opinion in all this is moot.. I was just saying that I really dont care that much and I dont want to let it bother me.. It is what it is and rivals will come in time regardless of if its teams in our division or not... I mean some of the biggest rivals lately have been Van-Chi, Sj-Det, and even before that Colorado & Det & the Ducks & Detroit all had pretty heated battles. None of those teams are near eachother or in the same division but that didnt stop them. It was the play-offs that created them not distance..

It will always be the playoffs that create deep rivalries. With Minnesotas location, we'll NEVER have a Pitt/ Philly, NYR/NYI, LA/Anaheim type rivalry.. Well unless one day Minneapolis gets a team one day to pit against the Wild in St. Paul, or more realisticly Wisconsin gets a team one day..

Yes, we may get a few more rival fans in our arena & vice versa but distance will never be the rivalry starter for a place like Minnesota (Twin cities) we're too isolated..

Again, IMO of coarse

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