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Originally Posted by Cup View Post
Originally Posted by Dan Stewart in reply to Andrew
Andrew thanks for thecomments as I enjoy hearing from other hockey and draft enthusiasts.

I am sorry that you think FC is bending to what othersbelieve but I want to assure you that any variation in rankings has nothing todo with trends or popular opinions but instead based on viewings by our scouts.

An example of this, with regards to Ebert dropping, can beseen with the below exerts from scouting reports on the Windsordefenseman this year.

Beginning of October – “Didn’t do much in the first periodbut played a much greater role in the second and third. Shows good overallpositioning and utilized his point shot well. Played well defensively and wasjust bad luck on a goal against in the second as he was in position but hisdefense partner made a costly error. Trying to force offensive plays, shotsfrom the point, cross seem passes that are not always there and may be pushingtoo hard in most areas. Still a top five talent”

Mid-October – “Ebert is the top OHL defenceman that I haveseen this season. He is not flashy, but gets the job done. Projects out as anintelligent two-way defenceman who can play either offensive or defensiveroles. Top 10 draft pick for the NHL Draft”

End of October – “Best game that I have seen Ebert play in awhile. He was more aggressive with the puck and was willing to skate it out oftrouble. May not be a top 5 prospect for the draft anymore, but stillshould be a solid top 10-15 selection.”

Mid-November – “Ebert played to expectations. He hasstaggered a bit with his overall development/progression, but is nowhere nearas bad a prospect as some have him. Should be a solid 1st round draft pick,probably in the 10-18 range.”

So you can see for these reports that his development trajectory has been falling although not nearly as much as some have suggested.

A simple question is that if he had not come into the season ranked so high, would he be anywhere near that ranking now? I can see why you are dropping him, but obviously some people think he should be dropping faster. I think if he came into the year as a projected second round pick, he''d still be there, and is where he is for no other reason than a hot start to last year. The season is close to half over, how long do scouts wait? His last 68 games (full season count) he has 26 points including only 3 goals. He just does not do others things at a highly elite level to justify a first rounder IMHO. Ceci for example is over 50 with 15 goals, and he is still barely considered top 5 D man material but some.

I hope he can pull it together, and help Windsor and himself at the same time.

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