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12-02-2011, 05:48 PM
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skating ability time?

Hi all,
I just started hockey a few months ago (hockey is something that I've loved since I was little but I never had the chance to play until now, I'm 18) and really want to get better at skating. I go to practice a lot during public sessions and sort of get discouraged by how I do compared to others. I know skating is hard and takes tons of practice but I sort of feel like maybe I'll never be able to do what I see others doing with ease/seemingly no effort since I didn't start at a young age like everyone else, lol.
I'm wondering how long it took you to get at a proficient level of skating, i.e., forwards/backwards crossovers, hockey stopping, pivoting, etc. without falling 90% of the time. Is it something you think I will ever be able to do it as naturally as others or if it will take me longer to do?

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