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12-02-2011, 07:22 PM
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Originally Posted by se7en View Post
rynryn, you're quoting an Oilers fan right!? haha Because that sounds familiar..

Honestly, Oilers fans are kidding themselves if they dont consider us a rival. We may not be their biggest of coarse but their fans have shown that we get under their skin more than most teams. If they didnt care about us they wouldnt even say anything.

You know they're just itching to start winning more games against us.. And if & when they do they'll be the first to come start gloating about it!
Well, if they get as good as we think they're going to get, and we get as good as we think were going to get, and we both stay in the same division, there is a very good chance the Northwest Division just becomes the Oilers vs Wild division for the better part of the next decade as we just slug it out and rain destruction down on poor downtrodden Colorado, Calgary, and Vancouver (You know they're not gonna stay this good for more than another year or two, especially with poor old Bobby Lu).

Remember back when the Northwest was all really good teams? I miss those days a little.

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