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12-02-2011, 10:02 PM
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Originally Posted by PALE PWNR View Post
I didn't go in and count but the thread is 3 or 4 pages long and for the most part from what I've read is pretty much "no why would we trade MPS as we consider him part of our core and our LW depth is not great". I woudl take the deal as I think MPS would be a great addition but I am a rational person and realize that they overpay by a lot for what Meszaros is worth.

I didn't attack you btw, I personally did very well in math class if you really need to know though. I did not do extraordinarily well however simply because I didn't like to do homework but you probably didn't need to know that. I figured I'd simply offer a nice in depth answer to your obviously condescending question. Maybe on your next post you can ask if I failed English as well.
Yeah, I mean you pretty much did. You made a false statement (just b/c someone posts the same thing 20x doesn't give it more weight)... each person counts once, making it seem like it was a bad proposal. 9/10ths of your post was off topic... then you decided to get back on.

I was pretty solid in Math... straight As and I got an 800 on the mathematics section of the SATs.

Did you fail english as well?

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