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11-29-2005, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by technophile
Not to hijack the thread :p but does anyone know for sure if the Bauer Supreme 4000 blade uses a standard or tapered hosel? The only page I've seen that mentions either specifically is the page at hockeygiant, which confusingly says "0.620 inch taper system". As far as I know, 0.620" is the standard hosel, right? The "taper" in that sentence is just a nonsense word and not referring to a true tapered blade?
I believe that's standard (.620), their Vapor XV blade which is tapered has the .520" hosel:

As for the Ultra Lite.........HockeyGiant has them going for $69 right now, in 85 flex. Decent price, most local shops would have it for ~90, most online shops from $75-80.

I'd check ModSquad's sell section, you never know what people are selling. Although be careful with who you deal with there. I was lucky and bought two brand new Cyclone shafts for $20 apiece from an established seller.

Later I had agreed to trade a Synergy SL for a pair of Bauer XXX gloves to a different user, but the guy basically was scamming me (and four others). Still in the process of getting back the stick, after claiming he had already sent it back, he is now claiming he has no money to send the stick........just a freaking moron.

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