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12-02-2011, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post

Wales is a different country to England. Another failure for the american education system
Wales is pretty much England's ugly stepchild that nobody cares about, let's be honest. You can't beat England @ anything (although watching your footy team attempt to and fail massively each and every time is always good for a laugh )

At any rate, I don't know why you're still talking to me bro. You pretty much asserted that you are the alpha dick here. You win. Congrats!!! I started a proposal thread (oh the horror!!!) that you willingly opened up and decided to post in. You apparently thought (despite no history between us) that it was cool to just go ahead and get your flame on and make fun of my opinions posted in other threads (pretty much a direct violation of several hf board rules).

At least origin has the balls to apologize. You on the other hand, apparently not. I'm gonna go ahead and ignore you know, b/c it's not like you have anything enlightening to add. Refs stink, not the goalies' fault, always blame the D, Giroux stinks, Meszaros stinks, Ryan isn't worth Voracek straight up, etc. The drunks in Sec. 114 where I have my season tix say a lot of the same things, but they're a lot more personable and entertaining than you.

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