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12-02-2011, 10:59 PM
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Originally Posted by sba View Post

Yeah, sorry...not interested in retaining Goose when looking at a deal like this one for a player twice as good.
What exactly are you basing that on?

-His mediocre faceoffs?

50% or less the last 3 years compared to Goose who has been one of the bst in the league the last few years. 57.4%, 59.8% and 57.8% this year.

-His similar offensive numbers?

He and Goose both have career points per game of .38 and goals per game of .15 for Goose and .16 for Kyle

-Or his lack of physical play compared to Goose and in general?

His hit totals the previous two seasons 69 (82gms) and 52 (80gms) compared to Goose's 115 (65gms) and 128 (81gms)

His 4 total NHL fights (thats pre/regular/post season combined) compared to Goose's 36 NHL fights

I hate to break to you and the others that love to bash Goose but his physical play and facoffs are why he makes 1mil more more than a guy like Brodziak.

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