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11-29-2005, 01:19 PM
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Well, for you Av's guy's who are ovbiously afraid of Luongo heading to Vancouver, I'll expand; i have resisted putting exact names in place because 1) My point was to enlighten you that Van. could put a better package together than Colorado with less disturbance and more benefit to both teams, if they wanted. 2) That point will get lost as people argue over the minor semantics.

So here it goes; To Fla: Cloutier, Jovo, Morrison (9.7mil.)

To Van: Luongo, Bowmeester, Gelinas (5.2mil.)

This gives Fla. a decent starting goaltender, a tough d-man who can move the puck and give proven offense and a solid 2nd line center, thus giving Fla 2 solid scoring lines. Morrison played along side Huselius in Sweden and were amongst the top scoring lines in the league (Huselius went on waivers this morning though, i hear).

This gives Van. a top tier goalie, a D-man with some potential and Gelinas who, although older, has good playoff experiance and is a solid guy defensively who can use his character to help the overall attitude of this team.

Now, we can all throw pick's this way and that or we can substitute J-Bo for Hill or whatever, but this deal drastically improves Fla., probably more than even Vancouver.

What is the Colorado offer? A career back-up goalie and Tanguay (a star, no doubt), but a left winger. Fla. has Jokinen as 1st line LW. and Hagman as 2nd line LW. Maybe Jokinen is leaving, I dont know, but it wouldn't make sense to flip one for the other. As for the idea of Liles, Svatos and Budaj - Liles is = to Tarnstrom, an offensive D-man with no other qualities, these guy's tend to fade as players discover thier weaknesses. A rookie, who does look good now, but well unproven. A rookie goalie. That deal looks more like Auld, Jovo and a 1st rd. pick. I dont think Keenan want's that kinda deal. Besides, it kinda cannibalizes Colorado.

Also, in regards to money, as everyone say's "they can get Jovo as a FA". That would raise thier salary cap anyway, and what if Van. trades him elsewhere, say T.B. Forbes called Cloutier the 4th highest value goaltender in the league.

Point is, again; dont think that Vancouver cant pull down a deal for Luongo. I think that they can offer, not just a compareable deal, but a better deal than Colorado.

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