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12-03-2011, 03:26 AM
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Jánošík played yesterday, so he should be good to go.
The training camp for the U20 NT starts on December 7th at the trainign rink of Nepela rink in Bratislava. 5 players will be sent home from the Orange team after tomorrow´s game against Piešťany, another ones the next Saturday before the team will fly to Canada on Dec 15th. Right now they´re planning to take 2 D pairings and 4-6 forwards from NA, because as Bokroš puts it the NA players have their qualities and it would be a sin not to use them. There will be two more players invited from Europe for the training camp- another two 1993s btw- F Michal Krištof, playing the Finnish U20 league for Sport (25pts in 25 games) and a D from Třínec in CZE, I think it´s Peter Bezuška, another 1993 (The article actually has Bokroš saying that it´s Nechala, but that´s gotta be a mistake since Nechala has been playing in Púchov. I´d expect them to invite Šimboch as well? Also no big talks about goals this year lke playing quarterfinals, primary goal being avoiding relagation.

Still, even though alko says that these names mentioned are just preliminary it still seems that there will be a lot of love for underagers even on the final roster, I mean looking at the guys that might get any consideration for the team there are

eighteen 1992s (Riečický, Šimboch, Kurali, Macejko, Kalináč, Trška, Chovan, Zigo, Bene, Šedivý, Jakúbek, Bubela, Ďaloga, Marinčin, Jánošík, Čajkovský, Jurčo, Cingel)
fifteen 1993s (Rybár, Hinďoš, Mráz, Bajaník, Mikúš, Nechala, Bagin, Nemček, Krištof, Bezuška, Gernát, Čerešňák, Tvrdoň, Vaško, Dolník)
two 1994s (Daňo, Luža)

Ok, 18 1992s seems like a lot, but I´d say a number of the Euro 1992s won´t make it to the final roster.

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