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Originally Posted by Potatoe1 View Post
The problem with "just watching the games" is that most people are very biased. We make up our mind about players a just look for evidence that re-enforces those beliefs.

Further to that we place far more emphasis on plays that lead to goals and not enough on plays that "almost" lead to goals.

For example we are a lot harsher on a defenseman who makes an error that leads to a goal then we are on a defenseman who makes several errors leading to quality chances that are not converted.

That is not to say watching the games isn't important (it is), but looking at statistics like these can often give a different (and perhaps more accurate) perspective.
Further, if "just watching the games" was all that was needed, teams wouldn't be spending time and money tracking these kinds of stats for their own use. They're not the be all end all, but they they provide another source of relevant information regarding players' performance. The fact that teams find them useful should be reason enough for others to at least consider their value.

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