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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
[B]If we could only get rid of Gomez/Cammy/Gionta/Gill/Spacek/ and spend that oodles of cash on players who are somewhat worth it, we'd be all set. I'd start by moving them all.
OK, so you suggest getting rid of four players who were among the key guys during our run to the Cup semi-finals. The risk of doing so aside, what I question is your statement that we could save oodles of cash and thus be free to spend the money on players who are "worth it".

The problem is that is much harder than some folks think.

If you want to spend cash on a younger player, you have to give up an equally good younger player. A Tyler Myers might be a great investment, but you may have to give up Patches or Subban to get him. A Stamkos would be terrific, but might cost half the team besides his salary.

The only players a team can acquire for nothing are either Unrestricted Free Agents or players under contract who are vastly overpaid. Eliminate the latter since the requirement is to spend on players "worht the money".

So we are down to UFA players. There are 30 teams chasing these players and each one generally goes to the team that MOST needs/wants him and can thus pay the most. Competing in this arena is not a way to get bargains.

Of course Gomez is way overpaid right now, and Spacek is gone at the end of the year, but getting rid of Gionta, Cammalleri and even Gill will probably not save money if the objective is to get equally good UFA players in their place.

People just have to accept that in the economic world the NHL teams live in, UFAs and their "overpaid" salaries are a normal phenomenon for just about every team to deal with, and the cap is high enough to accommodate them.

Example: Eric Cole fills a need for the Habs and costs $4.5M. Sure there are a handful of guys in the league under contract for $3.0M who might be able to do the same job for less money for a while (until their next increase) but the club would have had to give up an equally good player and/or sure prospects to get him!!! That would not have moved the Habs ahead much, whereas paying the extra $1.5M did. Every other club is in the same boat. Teams can hope for a great trade (i.e. Rivet for Gorges and Pacioretty from the Habs point of view, or Ribeiro for Ninimaa from the Stars point of view) but only one team can win a lopsided trade and those can always go both ways. Or one could hope for a draft pick that overperforms like Subban, but again, some will underperform like Fischer.

Thee is no avoiding playing in the UFA sandbox if teams want to compete.

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