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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Essentially a Supreme D is a true E so a Supreme D is wider than a Vapor D.

The Vapors are a more uniformly narrower skate than the Supreme, which have a wider fore/mid foot. The Supremes are also a deeper boot for a deeper instep. The heel on a Vapor is a bit narrower as well.

The jump from the One05s to the 6.0 is very substantial. The 6.0s are much much stiffer, something that you might not need depending on your level of play. The adjustment period could even be a hindrance to your skating if you're not at an intermediate level already.
Thats pretty much what I thought, The Vapors will certainly be better for my narrow feet
To be honest the flexibility and complete lack of any sort of support on the One05s is the reason I want to change and I'm not the sort of person to do things by halves, I generally go for the best I can afford. I'm not playing games at the moment, just training and getting plenty of icetime for practice so the adjustment period doesn't worry me too much, certainly not as much as it would if I was playing regular games at the moment.

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