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11-29-2005, 02:33 PM
Old Hickory
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Originally Posted by TubbyTerrion
I hope you're not suggesting that Perry and Getzlaf are overrated, because there isn't an NHL organization that wouldn't be thrilled to have these two in their fold.
I am refering to Chistov, Smirnov, Popovic, Ronnqvist, Holmqvist, Cullen, etc.

I do think Perry and Getzlaf are going to NHL'ers, but not as good as most Ducks fans think they are going to be.

Originally Posted by PSP
Isn't this a "pot, meet kettle" situation considering that Kings fans were nearly orgasmic over players like Karlsson and Steckel?
That's funny, because I remember most Kings fans pissed that we drafted 2 projects.