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12-03-2011, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
What I find it odd is that many Ruff bashers rant and rave about the shortcomings of the personel on this team. Then get mad that the coach doesn't win the Cup with the same personel. That doesn't really make much sense.
Hes part of the reason the personnel are in place.

I think they should blow it up. I think the coaching is terrible, i think the players are terribly inconsistent, i think the gm doesnt know when a change is needed and is too stubborn to cut losses and i think the owner is too loyal to his employees.

No i dont mean dump everyone but a real total evaluation from top to bottom needs to happen. Unfortunately its probably not going to because everyone has too much love for one another. Its a crying shame that Lindy doesnt have the love and respect for Miller when he gets run by Lucic as he does for other players who are still seeing ice after struggling year in and year out.

Pegula is here to stay - ok

Regier needs to learn when enugh is enough when it comes to cutting his losses. If a guy is inconsistent year in and year out... Ya gotta get rid of him. If you cant realize that then its time to find another job because you aren't going to bring in whats needed to win a cup.

Ruffs in game coaching is terrible. Wings get 3 goals in the 1st the Sabres have no pulse and he just stands there. No time out, no goaltending change, nothing. His goalie gets run over, no retaliation, no leaning over and sending out tough guys... NOTHING. Gragnani is absolutely awful and is still seeing 20+ minutes a game. Ever since 2007 this team has had an awful start to probably 60-75% of their games. Fans are constantly booing as they leave the ice during home games. At some point, you have to look the coaches way.

Bottom line is the players are paid to win games. Most of them are far too inconsistent to actually carry a team. Darcy is paid to make sure we have the best roster possible; we don't. Lindy gets paid to manage a game from behind the bench, fix issues as they arise, and get the most out of his players. i think the times are few and far between when he actually is successful in all 3 of these areas. Everyone is to blame. Its Pegulas job to fix. Unfortunately hes too much of a fan to actually do what he needs to do.

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