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12-03-2011, 01:25 PM
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Kuznetsov: If I get contract in KHL like Oveckin did in NHL, I will sign it, no doubt
Евгений Кузнецов: «Если бы мне предложили в КХЛ контракт, как у Овечкина, подписал бы не думая»

Babel Fish Says

Eugene Kuznetsov: “If to me they proposed in [KKHL] contract as in [Ovechkina], it would sign without thinking” The forward “of tractor” Eugene Kuznetsov, [zadraftovannyy] “[Vashintonom]”, would describe, with what conditions he would remain in [KKHL], and he shared with opinion about “the champion”. -
To command and to trainer [Nazarovu] it is difficult itself to show because of the small budget. And what to make to soldiers from “the champion”? They should with someone wave. I consider that in each club [KKHL] it is necessary to take on [tafgayu]. Let they fight between themselves. This is useful. You roll to ice “policeman” - all see that the playing hockey players touched must not be. Now my agent conducts negotiations with “Washington”. I will go to the youth world championship to Calgary - I will meet with the representatives of club. But thus far I anywhere am not gathered. I have contract with “the tractor” even to [polsezona]. - The head coach team Russia [Zinetula] Of [bilyaletdinov] also says that you should leave. - Yes I would remain in [KKHL] to 15 years! But in our Russia it is not accepted to sign such long contracts. Who will give to the young player of so many money, as they did give [Ovechkinu] in “Washington”? If to me they proposed in [KKHL] contract as in [Ovechkina], it would sign without thinking! And it would play in “the tractor” to the end of the career. Where they pay, there well. This is our work. But i have the dream - to try itself in [NKHL]. - You do look the matches of this leagues? - Yes, certainly. It impresses, that people there squeeze out everything of [polumomentov]. Yeoman farmers dig ice by horses and on the nature drive in goals. In [NKHL] everything must be done very rapidly. But in [KKHL] is more technical hockey. - Who you pleases from the hockey players? - I after many look. Who that makes in the game, who as club holds during the inclusion. You notice something for itself. Upper class - is certain, [Malkin] and [Datsyuk], it said Kuznetsov “Soviet sport”.

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