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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
A ten minute penalty tacked on a two where the player can be replaced on the ice a minute or so into a five minute OT does nothing and serves little to no purpose to the team... besides not having the use of the player for two minutes and the PIMs added to the players record... It would not in any way deter it from happening in a later game... A player could curse away and get it out of his system without really hurting his team.

Slapping an extra two minutes in the box both sends a message to the player and the team, and actually penalizes them by making them skate shorthanded in a key moment of the game... They called a penalty late in Regulation against the Flyers and a minute into OT against the Duck, and it was right to do so. The call against the Duck could not be expected to be ignored, especially after the late Regulation call against the Flyers to call diving in such a situation is a judgement call that i don't believe would have been fair -- if the Flyers call was not made we could maybe debate it... but to me I don't see a dive -- The call was blatant and any argument was really uncalled for... we do not know what he said to the Official, but my guess is it was over the line. Personally I wouldn't call the extra two if I were the Official unless it was so bad I was forced to make it... one can only assume it was.

In the end I have to believe that the call on the Flyers at the end of Regulation had to weigh heavily in the extra call to the Duck... IMO, if the Flyers were not called for a penalty, the Official swallows the whistle on he extra two; the initial call would be too hard to ignore, but a dive would not... if it was there, and he saw it.

The Ducks fans were frustrated I'm sure... and we would have been also, no doubt... but I really don't see how they could argue the calls without knowing that his remarks were not over the line... I suppose the nine PPs against them made them feel like they were being persecuted; welcome to the World of the Flyers fans, Ducks fans.
I disagree regarding the extra 2. A 10 would have taken Getzlaf out of the game, which would have been a strong negative for the Ducks, considering his stature. Plus, the Flyers would still have had a PP in OT, which is strict enough, IMHO.

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