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12-03-2011, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by L'Aveuglette View Post
Thank you RDS for broadcasting the Sens game tonight. Otherwise I would be stuck watching Toronto vs Boston on CBC.

CBC can suck my suck!
I hope they make every game an all Canadian game next year. Assuming realignment is either the 4 division or the 6 division. The number of all-Canadian games will be either 66, 72, 78 or 104. According to a google search there is 26 weeks in a NHL regular season which means 52 games are required plus 2 for hockey day. No Quebec would give every team at least 15 games, A Quebec return would give half the teams 13 games, and the other half 14 games. That means that (if Quebec returns) each team will be seen playing each team once, and if we are really lucky and have 4 divisions with all the Canadian teams split between 2 we could see the inter-divisional match-ups an extra 2 times. That means 3 battle of Ontario, Quebec and Alberta. 3 Leafs-Sens. 3 Calgary-Vancouver.

This is definitely possible, and would give every team a national broadcast in HD every second week.

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