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11-02-2003, 01:44 PM
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WAShington is sucking big time this year

I am not sure why everyone is talking about a Gonchar move, he is relatively cheap(for what he does) and he like washiongton

The three players most likely on the move are LAng, Bondra, and Jagr. Washington istrying to dump contracts and so they do not want to take on any new contracts that are large.

Idea 1---

Lang to Detroit for a 5th/6th rounder-Washington eats none of the contracts
Overpaid, underperforming UFA. And you want to trade him for something? Detroit didn't want him that badly when he was a UFA why would they trade for him. Just dumping him would be a plus for Washington.

Idea 2---

JAgr and a 3rd pick to the NYR for Lundmark and Hugh Jessiman
Absolute shocker. No way NYR would do this. See Lang (just dumping Jagr would be reward enough). Look at what NYR gave up for Kovalev, you really think they would give up Lundmark and Jessiman to pick up an $11m/y contract?

idea three

Bondra to LA for Mike Camalleri and a pick
Bondra has the more value than Jagr and Lang. The question is what is "a pick". Is it a 1st rnder or a 9th rnder...... Overchkin or number #275 of draft...... You need to be more specific.

Trade 4

Ollie the goalie(since they are gutting the team anyway) to Colorodo(They will trade for a netmonder at some point in time) for Alex Tanguey and a pick
I think this is a possible. See "What is a pick" above.

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