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11-02-2003, 03:16 PM
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I,m a huge Hull Olympiques fan and i've seen most of their games this year.. and although i had doubts about Tremblay's abilities to give the 'piques a chance for the mem cup this year, he has been VERY solid. I wasn't in the region last year so i didn't see him play, so that's why i had no idea how he was until this year.

Last game here in Hull was against Cap Breton (the Piques and Screaming Eagles are the 2 best teams in the Q) and it was a playoff type game.. the crowd was really into it, Cap breton had a truckload of fans, and it went into OT where Nicholas Ranger scored the game winner for the Piques.

In that game, i was disappointed when Tremblay let the second goal in because it was a shot from far away and it looked like an easy one to stop, but i was told by others who were behind the net that he was totally screened (which i didn't get to see from my seat).

Other than that, he goaled an excellent game (as did Houle for the Eagles) and made some very important and nice saves.

The 'piques are a very good team this year, so Tremblay should have a chance to win the league championship (providing they beat Cap breton and/or Moncton in the finals if everything goes as planned (but it never does) and maybe the Mem. Cup.

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