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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
There's no reason to blame Markov for any of this. As far as we know, he did everything right in his recovery and, unfortunately, had setbacks. If this surgery is successful - and there's no reason to think it won't be - he'll be back early in the new year, as soon as he can and for as effectively as he can. I don't care about his salary - it was negotiated fairly and in good faith based on information at the time. Do I know that for sure? No, but there's no logical reason to believe in hidden conspiracies.

I also don't blame the management for signing him. Of course it was a risk. But we dump all over these guys for NOT taking chances; I won't fault them for rolling the dice on a star player.

What I DO blame management for is not having a backup plan for their defense. As I stated previously, jettisoning Hamrlik and Wiz in the hope that Markov, Emelin and Diaz would immediately soar in their positions, was irresponsibly optimistic.
i don't know why some people have such a hard time understanding this part...

edit: for Mr. Hab since the other thread exploded and got locked when i wasn't looking.

Dear Mr. Hab.

it would be greatly appreciated is you would please refrain from using the line "bolting back to russia" in future posts.

why you ask? because he is a CANADIAN CITIZEN.

yours truly.


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