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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
But when you build your defense on shaky, unproven foundation, you're asking for trouble. And they got trouble. I like Diaz and I'm finally starting to love Emelin, but expecting our rookies to become instant regulars was unfair, and their rookie mistakes cost us games. Markov is like the hot cheerleader who keeps smiling at you but never lets you kiss her. Some of us feel jerked around while waiting, which is the only action we've gotten from him until he puts out. Point it, after Gill and Spacek, every other defenseman we had was either barely out of diapers or barely out of a cast. That is not the recipe for a contender; that sounds more like a team in rebuilding mode, or a team flying on blind hope. I like Campoli, but he was a last-second "uh-oh!" pickup once they realized Markov was out for awhile.

I agree very strongly with you on this. Using the first half of the season as a development camp wasn't exactly 'Plan A', but our kiddie-corps is coming along nicely. See? I can also be an optimist.

I made a point but you seemed to completely miss it...they DIDN'T expect Diaz and Emelin to become instant regulars, they were penciled in as #7-8-9 with Weber. St Denis was #11 on the depth chart or lower...then markov had the setback, capoli got hurt, Nash did also, Spacek got hurt twice and then Gill got an infection.

You think that if Boston loses Chara Seidenberg Ference and Boychuk go out that they won't miss a beat?

last yaer Pittsburgh had a ton of depth at center, then at one point Letestu and talbot were their top 2 can't really plan for disaster...

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