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Originally Posted by Habs Hotel View Post
Actually the smarter thing to do was play hardball with Markov like they took the time to do with Gorges.

Sign him to a one year deal and see how his leg was, so we wouldn't be in a mess.

If we would of done that it would be like this:

Markov 1year/5.75mill - not play - LTIR - cap hit doesn't count

Next year get discount as he doesn't know when he will play again for sure and us not take the risk of dishing that money out, and were not on the hook for a possible 2 other years which we don't even know we will get out of him.

Gorges is alot younger had a leg surgery like Markov, I like the chances of a younger player being able to return than aging player liek Markov at 33yrs and getting older and has only seen limited action in the last 2 seasons where Gorges seen a 1full and a half seasons before going out with his injury.
Markov was a UFA meaning he had plenty of leverage and would likely have just signed in Detroit for 2 years 6 mil per if we hadn't signed him. I don't disagree about Gorges needing a long term deal but can you imagine what would have happened had he given both long term deals and then Gorges got injured after like 10 games... another knee injury?

You can't take too many risks like that but I do admit Gorges maybe should have been the one prioritized but since he was RFA this bought Gauthier time and made sure the other asset was signed as well.

Personally me I think at this point Gorges should be given a 5 year extension. It will give guys like Price and Subban an incentive to sign if their buddy Gorges is signed long term. Plus it shows management is committed to winning. Every team needs one Gorges. This all having been said I don't think the path Gauthier took was that bad of one but if we don't sign Gorges by July 1st I'll be super pissed.

Originally Posted by Habs Hotel View Post
Exactly and it will probably cost us possibly more to retain him now than the 3.5 which I would of be fine in doing over say 5 year or so . Now it might be 4mill possibly. We still have Subban, Price, Eller, and Kostitsyn as well. Then will have to help fill the holes of Spacek, Gill, Moen possibly leaving.
100% true imo. We would have probably gotten him for 5 x 3.5, now we'll be giving him 5 x 4.0

At the end of the day it's an extra 500k of cap hit to retain a player we all love and is a good fit plus the way Gomez has been playing if ever cap space for Price/Subban became an issue you can be sure he'd be buried or worst case scenario bought out.

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