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12-04-2011, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by silkyjohnson50 View Post
Minnesota for sure. The talent in that state plays high school hockey.

While the state of Michigan develops a good amount of NHL players, rarely do those players actually play for their high schools. The most developed and talented players typically play travel for well-known clubs such as Compuware, Little Ceasars, and Honeybaked. As a result, Michigan high school hockey shouldn't even be in the same discussion as Minnesota.

Massachusetts has a pretty strong high school level though, don't they?
The talent level at the public and catholic level has def. gone down over the last decade or so, partially b/c of the fact that many kids are either playing in prep schools or juniors. Malden Catholic and St. John's Prep both had terrific teams last year, each with a fair share of D1 bound talent on it, but those were the two best teams I had seen at the HS level in a long's hard for the publics and even to a degree, the Catholics, to maintain as high a level of talent as they used to. Catholic Memorial, prob the best program in MA history, missed the playoffs altogether last year, almost unthinkable. I think that illustrates how the Catholic schools aren't getting the same type of players they used to.

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