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12-04-2011, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Foxlockbox View Post
1. I'm drunk on beer. Nothing new here.
2. Has anyone tried rat-drink? Its the normal to cheapest beer mixed with the cheapest red wine you can get your hands on. Its ****ing horrible, but it has its glory like every horrible drink has. I guess its just finnish underground thing tho.
I was drunk on beer and kossu yesterday, too. Had 1,5l bottle which contained about 0,8l of Mountain Dew, 0,33l (small coca-cola glass bottle) of Koskenkorva Vodka (40%) and 0.33l of Mojito. It was... interesting. Poured a big can of Battery energy drink to the rest of the Koskenkorva and made myself a 0,5l Virtanen (energy drink & vodka) out of it. Had six beers during the drinking game, too.

Has anyone played Indian Poker drinking game? Basically, your basic Indian Poker (you draw a card and put it on your forehead so others can see it) but with drinking game elements. We had five sip minimum, so basically all drew a card, they can then raise with sips and others have to either answer, call vesiputous (waterfall, you drink until the one on your right has stopped) or call quits and drink half the current amount. We had couple of waterfalls, and mostly 20-30 sips (20 is a full beer in our rules) as the wager. Each round. It's the fastest way to get drunk this side of the Russian border.

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